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Adam S. Bright, MD

Work Injuries

Dr. Bright and Dane Jones, 2013 Worker's Compensation Institute

Part of my professional practice is dedicated to treating patients who were injured in the work environment. I am proud to have earned the 2013 Worker's Compensation Institute Award for "The Most Inspired Injured Worker." My patient, Dane Jones, required multiple surgeries including total knee replacement and has been able to continue working for the 11 years since his injury. He travels the world doing mechanical repairs on ambulances (heavy demand work).

I have given seminars on work injuries to the Florida Worker's Compensation Institute several times, and have also been invited to give lectures for the Sarasota-Bradenton Claims Association. As an Assistant Professor for the Florida State University College of Medicine, I enjoy teaching and would be happy for the opportunity to give more seminars on orthopedic topics.

I have been an Expert Medical Advisor, and am certified to treat worker's compensation for the state of Florida for the last 17 years. I have performed more than a thousand IME's and second opinions. After being involved with the care of several thousand injured workers and performing hundreds of depositions, I have become a recognized expert and understand the medico-legal issues surrounding work injuries. Because I treat many different types of patients (athletes, weekend warriors, emergency room patients, and charity/indigent patients), I have the ability to determine which injuries are work related and which are more more likely related to degenerative processes or pre-existing injuries. I strive to help my patient heal their injury without surgery since evidence based medicine has generally shown inferior results with surgery for work injuries. I also strive to treat with medications and therapy that allow injured workers to return to work as quickly as possible since research has shown that prolonged loss of work results in inferior results. By working closely with the employer and the carrier, I have found that nearly every patient can return to work (although this might sometimes require modifications of their work).

I also commit to seeing patients who are injured at work within 24hours (provided we have the correct authorization), since prompt care is less expensive and has better patient satisfaction. Because I diligently strive to be considerate and kind to all of my patients and to make sure that all of my staff does the same, I know that patients are likely to be more satisfied with the care they receive in my office.