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Adam S. Bright, MD

Comprehensive Orthopedic Care serving Sarasota, Bradenton, and Venice

To my patients:

I hope we can work together to find a solution to your pain!

As an orthopedic surgeon, I have dedicated my career to improving the lives of my patients. When I teach medical students as a faculty member for the Florida State University, I explain that I am in love with my career since I can use my own hands to restore patients' knees, hips, and shoulders. Knee replacement surgery and hip replacement surgery are life-altering and among the most successful procedures known to man.

After graduating valedictorian of my high school in Dayton, Ohio, I was accepted to medical school at the University of Miami. My interest in engineering led me to receive a degree in engineering from the University of Miami, and I think that this background has helped me to intuitively understand the biomechanics of our joints and help me in the operating room to reconstruct patients' bones, tendons, and joints.

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When I ran the Leadville 100 mile trail run, I experienced many of the aches and pains that my own patients have experienced. Having participated in numerous triathlons, dozens of marathons, multiple adventure races, and a couple ironman races, I have become fitness oriented. I truly understand what it means to feel pain, and how important exercise and fitness are to our health.

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For patients who have arthritis of the knee, I sometimes recommend specific exercises, weight loss, medications, injections and bracing. Our advanced digital X-Ray system uses minimal radiation and can pin point your disease. For patients with arthritis limited to a certain portion of the knee, partial knee replacement can preserve the rest of your knee and is less invasive. When the arthritis involves the entire knee and conservative measures have failed, then total knee replacement can provide a long lasting, durable pain relief. Statistics have proven that physicians such as myself, who have performed hundreds of both hip and knee replacements, have better results than other surgeons. My current technique of using custom guides to replace knees improves accuracy of the knee replacement and minimizes the chance of complications.

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For patients who have arthritis of the hip, I frequently recommend stretching, strengthening, and medications. New technology in the hip such as ceramic hip replacement and cross-linked polyethylene and hip resurfacing have provided my patients with excellent pain relief and physical function. In 2012 when I was President of the Florida Orthopedic Society, I presented research about my technique. Minimally invasive techniques have allowed me to shorten my incision and decrease the pain and blood loss from surgery, and innovations in surgical pain management have also helped my patients recover faster with less discomfort.

When you need to pick a physician, I would strongly recommend that you pick a board certified specialist. Not only am I board certified, but I am also an oral examiner for the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons. Physicians who are respected in their community are usually members of their medical society, and I am proud to have served as President of the Sarasota County Medical Society. I have also been picked by my hospital, Sarasota Memorial Hospital, to be their Chief of Surgery.

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I wish you and your family good health!


Adam S. Bright, MD

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My Specialties Include:

* Knee Replacement Surgery
* Partial Knee Replacement Surgery
* Partial Knee Resurfacing
* Hip Replacement Surgery
* Minimally Invasive Surgery
* Sports Medicine
* Rotator Cuff Repair
* Arthroscopic Surgery
* General Orthopedic Surgery